How It Works

Looking for a simple Voice Recognition API platform?
Look no further.

Let's face it - audio data is a pain in the ear canal to analyse.
We are Voxneural. We convert voice to text using deep learning neural networks. We convert most audio files including:

  • WAV
  • WMA
  • MP3
  • MPEG4
  • AAC
  • AMR
  • FLAC
  • MP4
  • OGA
  • OGG
  • RAM
  • AIF
  • AIFF
  • AU
  • GSM
  • MP2
  • RAW
  • RA
  • AC3
  • VOC

We'll process them asynchronously, convert them to searchable text and send them right back to you. It's that simple. We can even take it further and draw real-time insights from this text using Vox Analytics.

The result? Invaluable business intelligence.

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Make smarter business decisions with Vox Analytics.

Want to outdo the competition and take your business to the next level? The best way to get the edge is to listen to what your customers are saying. And that means having all your data in one place so you can analyse it effectively. Try Vox Analytics on for size. Our powerful engine captures unstructured text and converts it into the insights you need to make critical business decisions. All via an exceptionally user-friendly and fully customisable graphical dashboard.

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  • Voice of the Customer
  • Customer feedback lines
  • Analytics
  • Sales Efficiency
  • Address and postcode transcriptions
  • Call Centres
  • Compliance and Risk


Voice of the Customer

Customer data is often held in audio files, which due to its analogue nature, is very difficult to analyse. Converting audio files to text automatically solves this problem. Taking it further, you can combine our voice to text service with Vox Analytics and get your data in one place. Resulting in smarter business decisions.


Take Vox Neural into the office and experience even more benefits. When you integrate our platform into your corporate phone system, all voicemails left for employees are automatically transcribed to text. They can then be sent as an SMS or email. The API can also link to your company's CRM system so all names, phone numbers and other important details are stored in text format in one place.

Compliance and Risk

In a world of increased fraud and ever-tightening compliance regulations, monitoring your employees has never been more important. Vox Neural allows you to convert audio recordings of employee conversations into text so you can ensure compliance and security.

Call Centres

Call centres record thousands of conversations. These audio files contain a wealth of valuable data that can be analysed when converted to text. This allows you to draw more insights resulting in improved sales, training, quality assurance and operator assessment.

Sales Efficiency

To develop an effective sales strategy, you need to analyse your customers' feedback and act on it. Converting this feedback from voice to text can help you analyse it quickly and easily resulting in an improved strategy.

Postal Address Capture

We also provide a service to accurately capture customer address details from audio files. (For example, a customer may leave a voicemail asking for an application form to be sent to their address.) Our engines capture and automatically verify these details using an advanced postcode lookup service. This ensures exceptional levels of accuracy as well as huge savings in postage costs.


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So what makes Vox Neural so good?

Well for a start, we’ve been around since voice recognition tech was in its infancy. So we pretty much know it inside out.

Back in the early naughties, we were just a bunch of geeks obsessed with AI. We frankly marvelled at our genius when our system began to transcribe basic words and phrases. Thrilled by the possibilities, we set about programming it with tens of thousands of audio files to make it even smarter. A decade on, it is a meticulously crafted rabbit warren of deep learning neural networks – and we’re serving blue chips all over the world.

The best part? Our system now teaches itself. Every day our clients feed it with new audio files. And it just keeps getting smarter.


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